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Culture Company 2013 has reworked its logo for the delivery phase of the 2013 City of Culture project.

The new logo is an evolution of the campaign logo, the Awen, into the city’s most iconic new structure, the Peace Bridge. We felt it vital to retain the essence of the Awen, a Celtic symbol representing inspiration, spirituality and creativity. And to this end, the colouring of the logo has been retained as has the three-stranded theme.

The Peace Bridge, in keeping with our mission, helps the city tell its new story – in this case, telling the story through the brand. Internationally, the bridge has already become recognised symbol of our new city and connectedness. And, we believe there is no more fitting image with which we could welcome and attract the world to Derry-Londonderry.

The logo apart, our brand and its aspirations remain unchanged, and we are committed to serving the narrative that inspired them.

Our brand guidelines and our logos can be downloaded below.

Brand Guidlines
Brand Guidlines
Brand Design Guidlelines.pdf
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Logo                 Derry ~ Londonderry logo


                Derry ~ Londonderry with URL logo


                Londonderry logo



               Derry logo



                City of Culture logo



                  UK City of Culture logo



                   Londonderry First UK Brand



                   Irish version logo



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