Hofesh Shechter Political Mother Shortcuts

On 9 March, the talent of young local dancers will spill onto the streets in a number of installations and performances around the city centre to further showcase new work created in collaboration with local young people and the world renowned Hofesh Shechter Company.

70 young people will dance across five sites in ‘Shortcuts’ around the city centre on Saturday from noon to 2pm. These performances are the culmination of the community collaborations that Hofesh Schecter himself, along with his dance company and musicians have been engaged in during their seven-week residency in the city.

Young dancers from Dolphin Dance School, St. Cecilia’s College, Dance students from University of Ulster Magee, Foyle College and the Pat Henderson Academy have worked with Shechter’s company dancers to create new interpretations of Political Mother.

These short vignettes of dance will be performed at the following sites: Guildhall Square, Foyle Gardens, Craft Village, below Ferryquay Gate, and below the Double Bastion which can be accessed via Nailor’s Row.


Hofesh Shortcuts




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Hofesh Shechter Political Mother Shortcuts


9 March 2013


Various Locations Around The City