INDRA Congress

The INDRA (International Development for Reconciliation using the Arts) Congress is a growing, global network of young people, artists, educators and others who share a commitment to the development of the arts as a crucial resource for peace building and the non-violent transformation of conflict.

First Act Youth theatre are playing hosts to many international visitors who also express a creative interest in reconciliation and peace building using the arts. Visitors will be from Palestine, India, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Greece, Cyrus, Burnley, Bolton, Plymouth, Durham, and First Act Youth theatre representing Northern Ireland.


Tuesday, July 2 @ 2pm - Canada, Bolton, Brazil, Cyprus

Wednesday, July 3 @ 10am - Northern Ireland,  South Africa, Plymouth, Greece

Thursday, July 4 @7pm - India, Durham, Palestine, Burnley

The groups will work together with 5 facilitators from across the North West to culminate in a grand showcase on Saturday 6th July at 11am @ the Millennium Forum.

All performances are open to the public and  free of charge. Following each performance will be a Q & A to the cast.

For information on the performances please contact Mary on 07821070042.

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INDRA Congress


1 July 2013 - 6 July 2013


Millennium Forum
Situated within the beautiful surroundings of the historic walls, the Millennium Forum, founded in 2001, is one of Ireland's largest purpose-built theatres.