International Youth Peace Summit

Waterside Theatre will host the city’s inaugural International Youth Peace Summit, designed to encourage discussion, inquiry, reflection and exploration amongst young people from areas of conflict throughout Europe.  The aim of the project is to use the arts as a medium to begin the process of discussion and inquiry in order to break down barriers and stereotypes amongst different cultures.  Involving young people from other areas of conflict, including Cyprus and Gerogia, allows for the sharing of experiences and skills and enables local young people to forge relationships with their counterparts in areas of Europe that have experienced similar problems.

The 5 days will be packed with activities for the young people, culminating with a youth peace conference on Saturday 21st September 2013, International Peace Day.  Featuring guest speakers from key stakeholders involved in peace and reconciliation, youth projects and funding, the conference will provide young people the opportunity to have their voices heard and be at the forefront of developing future policies and programmes of reconciliation in Northern Ireland.

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International Youth Peace Summit


17 September 2013 - 21 September 2013


Waterside Theatre & Arts Centre