Maire a Woman of Derry

Due to huge demand, both from theatre goers and the local media, Carmel Mc Cafferty has agreed to return for what will be her last ever performance of Maire a Woman of Derry.  After nearly twelve years playing the role she has made her own, Carmel (in agreement with the play’s author and director, Brian Foster) has decided that the time has come to bring down the final curtain. And it will be final!

So this promises to be a hugely emotional night for all. And in response to countless requests, this special performance will be professionally filmed, with DVD’s then made available for purchase within days of the show taking place, in good time for Christmas. And you could find yourself part of that DVD, for Brian Foster will be instructing the film crew to include as much ‘audience footage’ as possible. So camera’s will be roaming the foyer both before and after the show, taking in faces, recording interviews, capturing the atmosphere.

This hilarious, harrowing and ultimately heartbreaking story has touched a raw nerve with audiences and critics alike since its debut performance some years back. Indeed, it has played to packed houses and standing ovations throughout Ireland and America, bringing in a combined audience of close on 40,000.

Maire (played by local actress Carmel Mc Cafferty) is foul-mouthed and feisty. But also intensely human. Armed only with her half-bottle of Mundies wine, she gives a unique account of her fall from grace from fresh faced teenage bride living in Derry’s Creggan Estate, to the pitiful condition we find her in today. Along the way we see working class life and death at its funniest, rawest and cruellest. And meet an assortment of characters who have coloured Maire’s lifeFrom habitual scroungerTina the Tap,  to habitual smoker Big Bridie and her husband Jimmy the Tadpole. From Posh Maisie, to seriously cross-eyed Matilda and The Hairy Man from Strabane, to innocent little Norris the Gnome.

Hailed as ‘unmissable’ by the critics, Maire– A Woman of Derry is a theatrical triumph. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is your last ever opportunity. If you have seen it, then you’ll doubtless want to book to see it again! And to pay a rousing farewell tribute to Carmel Mc Cafferty, an actress who has never once failed to produce what must surely go down as one of the greatest feats of acting ever seen on any Irish stage, north and south!

NB: This play contains strong language. Please do not come to be offended.

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Maire a Woman of Derry


29 November 2013


Millennium Forum
Situated within the beautiful surroundings of the historic walls, the Millennium Forum, founded in 2001, is one of Ireland's largest purpose-built theatres.