Performances is the bitter sweet story of  a young woman’s need to know that love and romance were at the core of “Intimate letters”, Czech composer Leos Janacek’s beautiful and final Meister work for string quartet. Friel, the master of convention, uses this wonderful caprice to gather up the past for scrutiny with the help of the dead Janacek and a string quartet. Once again Friel, with great agility and lightness of script, shows us that Art is simply seeing the connection between things.

Performances also suggests Friel’s personal concerns, since the composer Janacek is portrayed as being Friel’s age at the time of the play’s composition, and the playwright expresses his anxiety at perhaps not being up to the challenges of scaling for a final time “the mountain” of creating full scale work. Performances is a musical box where Friel winds the key to the past and lets the music do the talking.

Directed by Adrian Dunbar

Featuring: The Brodsky Quartet

Your Itinerary



14 February 2013 - 23 February 2013


University Of Ulster, Magee