Primal Scream (Live) & David Holmes (DJ Set)

Primal Scream are celebrating 30 years rocking and rolling, jangling, shimmying, shaking, funkin’ and souling – three decades which has cemented them as live music legends. The band were a key part of the mid-1980s indie pop scene but eventually moved away from their more jangly sound, taking on more psychedelic and then garage rock influences, before incorporating a dance music element to their sound. 21 years on from their album Screamadelica Primal Scream remain iconic and irresistible. The as-yet-untitled album, produced by David Holmes, will be the band’s 10th studio effort and will be released in early 2013.

David Holmes was at the forefront of the dance music scene in Ireland when the house and techno boom hit in the late ‘80s and was recognized as one of the best DJ’s in the world, guesting at clubs everywhere and getting major remix offers. From the mid 1990’s he was recognised more for his production work with his albums, ‘This Film’s Crap, Let’s Slash the Seats’, ‘Lets Get Killed’ and ‘Bow Down to The Exit Sign’ and ‘The Holy Pictures’ enjoyed commercial and critical acclaim. His work for film continues to flourish, completing soundtracks for major films such as Out of Sight, Oceans 11, 12 and 13, Haywire and Hunger.




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Primal Scream (Live) & David Holmes (DJ Set)


19 March 2013


The Venue 2013