The Big Weave

St Augustine’s Church is celebrating City of Culture with an exciting community weaving project – fitting given the history, both ancient and modern, of textile industry in the city.

The Big Weave will see the creation of seven new tapestries in a three-week period in June which will then be donated to the city as part of the legacy of 2013.

St Augustine’s Church on the historic Derry~Londonderry walls is behind the project which it sees as the perfect way to embrace culture and the dual themes of Columba and the walls.

Three looms are being brought to the St Augustine’s church hall to create the tapestries – although they will be taken out into the city during the three weeks to help in the creation of truly citywide pieces of artwork.

The finishing touches are being put to the final designs for the tapestries, six of which will be presented to different organisations which all share strong connections to the church or the city. They are: St Columb’s Cathedral, The Long Tower, The Apprentice Boys, First Derry Presbyterian Church, Derry City Council and The Honourable The Irish Society.

One main tapestry – on the theme of Columba heading into exile from the site of the church – will measure six feet by three feet and it will remain on site at St Augustine’s. The other six will be smaller tapestries measuring three feet and two and a half feet each and will be woven on two smaller looms; the ones which will also be taken out into the city.

The project will be based at St Augustine’s church. Mondays to Saturdays you will find the volunteers weaving, either in St Augustine’ Halls or, as weather permits, outside on the walls. On Wednesdays they will wander off with one of the looms, over the Peace Bridge and into Ebrington Square, where they will set up camp for the day.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in – absolutely no experience necessary.

And everyone who contributes will be invited to leave their own thoughts on the project and these will be exhibited along with the tapestries in the plaza of The Playhouse during July.

Funding for the project was provided by The Culture Company, Derry City Council, The Church of Ireland Priorities Fund and The Honourable The Irish Society.



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The Big Weave


10 June 2013 - 29 June 2013


St Augustine’s Church