Robbie lives for the band, with the help of Davie, who drinks Robbie’s beer while he does it!  Amanada is the proud mother of Robbie’s two sons, who also lives for the band.  Dessie is Robbie’s grumpy father-in-law who thinks the band is a waste of time.  It’s coming close to the start of the marching season though, and there are plans to be made as the band are heading for the May Rally in Glasgow and its their 25th anniversary!

Based on the research with the Pride of the Orange and Blue, The Pride tells the story of what goes on in any band, when they are not on the street – the highs and lows, the comradeship, the laughter and the tears.  In ‘getting under the uniform’, the play seeks to give an opportunity to those from both inside and outside the band community to understand the lifestyle and motivation of such a widely enjoyed aspect of Northern Irish culture.

Your Itinerary

The Pride


3 July 2013 - 4 July 2013


Waterside Theatre & Arts Centre